The International Conference “Rights of Small Nations and National Minorities”

European Network for Political Monitoring (Brussels) and then International Institute of Newly Established States (Warsaw-Moscow), together with NGO “Karachay Alan Chalq” (representing Karachay people in the Russian Federation), has a honor to invite you to participate in International Conference “Rights of Small Nations and National Minorities”. The conference will take place in Cherkessk (capital of Karachay-Cherkess Republic, North Caucasus, Russian Federation) between 15th and 17th of May 2013.
Concerning the complex history of Karachay and other North Caucasian people, the conference will be devoted to discussion of collective responsibility and comparing Nazi and Communist regimes’ crimes, perceived as historical abuse. The Conference will focus on topics, such as “Geopolitical consequences of deportations from Caucasus”, “Rehabilitation of deported nations”, “Historical responsibility for repressions and deportations”. Among the participants of the Conference there will be Members of European Parliament, MPs from European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States’ countries, as well as experts, human rights defenders (including Memorial Society). The lectures of participants shall be published in bilingual book (Russian and English). Among various side events, several opportunities for sight-seeing and cultural programs will be offered.
The organizing committee will cover all travel and accommodation expenses. In order to book tickets for you, please attach to your confirmation preferable flights to Moscow and back. In case of your wishes, another meetings with regional authorities and organizations could be organized.

Piotr Luczak

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